IntentX Solver Network

Introduction to the IntentX Solver

At IntentX, we understand the pivotal role market makers play in ensuring liquidity, reducing market friction, and facilitating seamless trading experiences.
Liquidity is the lifeblood of financial markets and we take a leading role in on-boarding new solvers, as well as establishing proprietary and exclusive strategies + agreements to service IntentX as the premier on-chain perps DEX.
Our exclusive approach and close working relationship with the solver network will allow IntentX to scale appropriately and continually offer the most competitive trading experience.
This results in mutual value creation for all participants in the IntentX ecosystem:

IntentX Solver Onboarding

IntentX will work hand-in-hand to onboard exclusive Solvers onto the network to the mutual benefit of the platform and all participants.
Benefits to IntentX:
  • Enhanced Liquidity: Ensure a steady flow of assets and reduced slippage.
  • Optimized Price Stability: With dedicated market makers, the volatility is better managed, leading to more stable prices.
  • Tailored Offerings: Exclusive partnerships mean custom solutions, aligning with IntentX's vision and our users' needs including increased open interest, greater pair availability, and more.
Benefits to Market Makers:
  • Exclusive Access and Order Flow: Servicing IntentX exclusively offers market makers unique positioning within our ecosystem.
  • Capitalization: IntentX offers capitalization to market makers onboarding onto the network, allowing for low capital commitments to onboard as a solver.
  • Revenue Opportunities: With our growing user base, market makers can tap into substantial delta-neutral and risk adjusted revenue streams.
  • Continuous Support: IntentX ensures that our partners receive continuous technical, operational, and promotional support - maximizing the partnership's potential.
Through exclusive agreements and a well-defined onboarding process, we aim to continually enhance our platform's liquidity and offerings, ensuring the best experience for our users.
Note: If you are a market maker and are interested in joining the IntentX solver network, please reach out to discuss collaboration opportunities through this form.

Stable Deposit Pool: Capitalizing the Solver

The Stable Deposit Pool is a strategic feature of IntentX. This pool's primary role is to capitalize Solver market-making operations.
  • Users can share in revenues in a unique and passive delta-neutral stablecoin yield opportunity.
  • Capital will be used in market making operations increasing OI availability on IntentX.
  • Share of revenues will accrue to xINTX stakeholders, adding another layer of utility and yield.
This stable deposit pool will be used in both exclusive agreements with collaborating market makers and in the establishment of IntentXs proprietary solver.
Access Requirements:
  • Staking xINTX: Access to this pool is exclusive. It's gated by a prerequisite of staking a minimum amount of xINTX.

Value Capture and Competitive Advantages

By participating in both the solver and exchange side, IntentX will achieve far greater value capture and unique competitive advantages.
Our holistic approach gives us a substantial edge, allowing us to offer exclusive OI and maintain competitive advantages in the market. Our strategy ensures that we have more control over our offerings, enabling us to deliver optimal services to our users.
This strategy mutually benefits all platform participants and maximizes value creation:
Increased OI, better order execution, wider pair availability, more reliable trading experience.
Market Makers:
Capitalization via Stable Deposit Pool, exclusive order flow, hand in hand onboarding to network.
xINTX Stakers:
Exclusive delta-neutral yield opportunity through the Stable Deposit Pool, increased revenues from market making operations, greater platform robustness and value capture.

Solver Onboarding Process:

  1. 1.
    Initial Outreach and Discussion: Interested market makers can reach out to our dedicated team to discuss potential collaboration opportunities.
  2. 2.
    Due Diligence: A thorough review of the market maker's history, reputation, and operational capacities is undertaken to ensure they align with IntentX's standards.
  3. 3.
    Agreement Drafting: Once a consensus is reached, an agreement is drafted, outlining roles, responsibilities, and the terms of the partnership.
  4. 4.
    Integration and Testing: The market maker's systems are integrated into IntentX, followed by rigorous testing to ensure seamless operation.
  5. 5.
    Launch & Monitoring: Once live, continuous monitoring and communication channels remain open to ensure optimal performance and adjustments as needed.
Please reach out to our team to initiate the process through this form.