Referral Program


At IntentX, we believe in the power of community and creating value together.
That’s why we’re thrilled to introduce the IntentX Referral Program, a system crafted to benefit both our traders and the affiliates who introduce them to our platform! This initiative is part of our commitment to building a strong community and recognizing the contributions of our members.

Empowering Referred Traders

As a trader creating an account on IntentX with a referral code; you’re able to earn enhanced rewards!
In addition to our Trade & Earn program which awards traders with daily rewards (26% of the total INTX supply allocated), by using our referral program, you’ll receive a 15% bonus in xINTX rewards based on your qualified trading volume!
During the Open Beta (pre TGE) stage starting on November 15th 2023, this means bonus airdrop points for the 3% airdrop. Upon the TGE and airdrop event, this will be given in daily claimable xINTX rewards. Read more about our launch plans here.
This bonus rewards is forever linked to your account and will continue to provide boosted rewards into the future. Sign up through one of our referral partners to participate.

Rewarding Affiliates

Affiliates play a pivotal role in expanding the IntentX community. A matching 15% bonus, relative to the trading volume of the referred traders, is provided to affiliates.
Upon Open Beta launch on November 15th, a number of key partners will be set up with an exclusive referral code to begin accumulating rewards.
Individuals and groups interested in obtaining a referral code for your community are encouraged to reach out to via support ticket on our discord.

Daily Reward Distributions

The referral rewards for both affiliates and referred traders are distributed daily. This is part of our Trader Incentives program, designed to provide timely and uncomplicated reward distribution.
Open Beta (pre-TGE): Beginning November 15th, users will accumulate rewards in airdrops points which will later be claimable for xINTX airdrops.
Daily Trader Incentives (post-TGE): Post TGE, daily trader and referral incentives will be claimable daily in the form of xINTX.
Note: All referral rewards rewards are separate from daily trade and earn allocations, ensuring that every trader, with or without a referral code, has the opportunity to benefit from our platform.

Whitelist Process

To ensure fairness and prevent exploitation, we’ve implemented a whitelist procedure for generating referral codes. Affiliates are required to meet specific criteria to join the exclusive program, ensuring that every participant is genuine and committed to the community’s growth. Please contact us for more information on the whitelisting process via support ticket on our discord.

On-Chain Transparency

We ensure that every referral and the resulting trading volume are tracked transparently and accurately on-chain. This guarantees that your efforts are recognized, and your rewards are calculated fairly, maintaining the highest standards of integrity.

Join Us!

As we approach the Open Beta launch on November 15th, 2023, we are excited to welcome traders and affiliates to IntentX through our referral program!
Join us in this milestone phase of the project, and be a part of a community where innovation, engagement, and rewards converge for a next generation trading experience.
Note: Participation in the IntentX Referral Program is governed by specific terms and conditions. Ensure you are fully informed before engaging in the program.