The Omnichain DEX

Leveraging its novel omnichain architecture, IntentX is uniquely positioned to deploy across the entire DeFi ecosystem unconstrained by technical or liquidity barriers that current models face.
With this revelation, IntentX will be a fully "Omnichain DEX", deploying and servicing all compatible L1s and L2s as supported by our solver network.
What does that mean for traders?
Seamless access to the full trading experience of IntentX on your chain of choice without the hassle of wallet, bridging, and gas management across various ecosystems.
What does that mean for xINTX stakers?
Trading activity from any and all chains will generate platform revenues accruing to xINTX stakers. By establishing IntentX as an omnichain DEX, we will be flexible in servicing markets with the most trading demand.

Cross-Chain Architecture:

IntentX Cross-Chain architecture is depicted in this graphic and described below.

Home "Base"

The Base L2, built on the Optimism Superchain stack, will be IntentX's initial deployment and serve as Home Base for the project.
This means that the initial token generation event (TGE), liquidity, staking, and trading engine deployment will be on Base. As IntentX deploys cross-chain in the future, some of these elements may remain on Base as logistically appropriate.
Base has been selected for initial deployment due to its strong user metrics, community, and focus on consumer level products with exceptional UX.

Native EVM Deployment

Although much of IntentX contracts will live on Base, core trading platform functionality and contracts will be natively deployed on compatible EVM chains, which will grow over time to service any chain with demand.
By deploying the trading contracts natively, users receive the very best user experiences with full security, transaction speed, and user experience of their chain of preference. By removing cross-chain variables through native deployments, we can increase security and functionality.

Non-Native Chains

On chains that do not have IntentX trading contracts natively deployed, users will be able to leverage the IntentX account abstraction solution to seamlessly trade from anywhere!
Users from non-native chains will be able to create an abstracted account, and deposit / withdraw from any Layer Zero supported chains. These funds will be bridged through Layer Zero and deposited into the Base L2 deployment to trade. Because our account abstraction solution features gas management, users will not have to deal with bridging gas, simply they can deposit and withdraw seamlessly, and then trade on Base L2 with no additional gas, wallet, or transaction steps.