Trade & Earn xINTX

xINTX Trade & Earn Program

IntentX’s rewards program seeks to incentivize traders with the xINTX token for their activity within the platform. Rewards are proportionally distributed based on the total trade volume and PnL performance of traders.
Trade on IntentX. Earn xINTX.
It's our aim to reward those who contribute most to IntentX's ecosystem. Keeping long-term growth and participation in mind, we designed this reward program.
Refer to the tokenomics section for a comprehensive understanding of xINTX distribution and use.

Program Overview

The xINTX rewards program is tailored to reward dedicated traders over the course of three years. A total of 26% of the total supply is dedicated to this program. Incentives will be distributed in several phases around the protocol launch:
Phase 1: Open Beta Launch - 3% of supply for retroactive airdrop.
Phase 3: Full Launch - 23% of supply over 3 years post-launch.
Both phases are meticulously crafted to stimulate user activity and community growth, without compromising on long term sustainability.
xINTX stakers will have the privilege to participate in stakeholder value accrual and share in the protocol’s success. More xINTX staking details are available here.
Note: Anti-sybil measures will be implemented to ensure distribution is as fair as possible.

Phase 1: Open Beta Launch - 3%

Note: The above graphic is for illustrative purposes only, there will be more than 3 traders sharing the retroactive airdrop allocation.
A retroactive airdrop will distribute 3,000,000 INTX tokens (3% of total supply) during the Open Beta launch to recognize early participants.
The goals of this incentives phase is:
  • Recognize and reward early users.
  • Strengthen the early IntentX community.
  • Augment market presence before full launch.
  • Encourage testing of the platform to receive feedback for Full Launch.
Users can qualify for rewards in phase 1 by two methods:

1. Trading in the Open Beta:

Trade on any of our supported markets to earn xINTX airdrops. The airdrop will be proportional to, and based on, the users total traded volume during the Open Beta period.
Exact parameters TBA.

2. Zealy Campaign:

By completing tasks on Zealy, users will earn points towards the retroactive xINTX airdrop. These points will help determine each participant's share of the airdrop rewards. The more tasks completed, the greater the allocation of xINTX airdrop will be.
Note: All trader and user rewards accrued in phase 1 will be made available for claim at one time upon the start of Phase 3: Full Launch in the form of xINTX.
Note: You can view your volume based points within the UI.

Phase 3: Full Launch - 23%

After the Open Beta Launch, a significant portion of the trader incentives, amounting to 23,000,000 INTX, will be allocated over the course of three years. The incentive will prioritize top traders, with a split of 75% rewards being issued according to volume and 25% rewards being issued according to PnL.
Note: Having staked xINTX positions will boost trade and earn incentives. If applicable, please refer to the image above to determine your boost tier.
This long-term phase focuses on consistent user engagement, sustained growth, and decentralization of the INTX supply.
Importantly, tokens for the Referral Program are taken from a separate supply allocation as to not punish users without a referral link. Thus, referral tokens will not impact daily trader rewards.
  • Year 1: 11,680,000 tokens, averaging 32,000 INTX/day.
  • Year 2: 5,660,000 tokens, averaging 15,507 INTX/day.
  • Year 3: 2,660,000 tokens, averaging 7,288 INTX/day.
3,000,000 tokens will be set aside for solver / market making incentives, to support our Solver Network strategic approach.
Traders can claim their tokens on a daily basis, determined by their trading volumes and xINTX boosts in relation to the daily total.
All rewards are available in the staked xINTX format to ensure long-term alignment among platform participants.
Note: The emission schedule is a guiding framework and is subject to changes based on community feedback and other factors.

Rewards Dashboard:

The IntentX platform will feature a dedicated dashboard where traders can monitor their accumulated xINTX rewards. This dashboard will go live alongside Phase 3: Full Launch. All rewards are trackable in real-time, fostering transparency and trust. Once the token is live, claims can be made directly from this interface.