What is IntentX

IntentX is a next-generation OTC derivatives exchange offering perpetual futures trading.
At the heart of IntentX is a combination of technological innovations that usher in the next generation of on-chain finance. The platform leverages several cutting-edge technologies, cross-chain communication, account abstraction, and SYMMIO, a zero-to-one breakthrough settlement layer that addresses critical challenges in delivering on-chain derivatives.
Combined, these technologies allow IntentX to offer omnichain deployment, lower fees, greater liquidity, enhanced capital efficiency, and improved scalability versus current solutions.
IntentX is launched its open-beta trading platform on November 15th, 2023 with now over 250 tradable pairs at launch, each with deep liquidity.

Intent Based Architecture

IntentX restructures on-chain trading with a novel intent-based approach. Instead of relying on traditional order books or virtual automated market maker (vAMM) models, where traders execute orders against committed capital, traders instead express their trading intentions for execution by external solvers.
This expression of intent to trade reshapes the dynamics of trading, allowing for more efficient, liquid, and scalable financial markets on-chain. The protocol stands as a bridge between decentralized trading security and centralized exchange (CEX) liquidity, marking a notable shift from conventional systems and addressing the current liquidity constraints in DeFi.

Trading on IntentX

IntentX’s unique architecture enables the most competitive offering in the perpetuals futures trading space:
Trade Perpetual Futures - Trade over 250 top crypto pairs with deep liquidity.
Leverage - Utilize 60x+ leverage on perpetuals to amplify exposure or hedge risk.
Trader Incentives - Take advantage of our "trade to earn" incentives for xINTX rewards.
Cross-Margin Accounts - Efficiently manage a universal margin that combines all your balances and positions to optimize capital use.
Sub-account Support - Manage multiple sub-accounts under the same wallet address. Allows users flexibility to employ different trading strategies, segregate risks, and track performance across all accounts.
Self-Custody - Non-custodial. Only you have control over your assets.
Permissionless and Trustless - Permissionless access with no KYC. IntentX has no ability to cease, blacklist, or freeze your account or any of your active positions. Trade with the full security of the blockchain.
Intuitive & Streamlined UX - Industry leading UX with 1 click trading, account abstraction, gas management, and integrated on/off-ramps to onboard the next generation of decentralized exchange (DeFi) users.

IntentX Competitive Advantage

IntentX's uncompromising features and unique architecture create the most competitive trading experience on-chain, ultimately competing with centralized exchanges.
Compared with existing on-chain solutions, IntentX offers consistently high leverage, the widest pair offerings (each with deep liquidity), multi-chain deployment and the most competitive fees.
As compared to centralized exchanges, IntentX aims to "bridge" the gap by offering competitive products with familiar features and UX. This gives traders the best of a CEX offering, while allowing for all the security and decentralization of a DEX.

Unique Value Proposition of IntentX

🩸 Deep Liquidity

  • Key Feature:
    • Bridges liquidity from CEXs to on-chain.
  • Benefits to Traders:
    • Best price execution with minimal slippage.
    • Efficient price discovery.
    • CEX-like liquidity and execution, but with DEX security.
Note: Our solver network acts as a "liquidity aggregator", which can source liquidity from multiple platforms, beyond just CEXs and DEXs.

⚙️ Capital Efficiency

  • Key Feature:
    • JIT (Just-in-Time) liquidity architecture eliminates up-front capital commitment by solvers to stream quotes.
  • Benefits to Traders and Solvers:
    • Deep liquidity and wide asset pair availability (250+).
    • More freedom and efficiency for market makers; no need to commit capital across different books or liquidity pools.
  • Results:
    • Roughly 100 times more capital efficient than existing vAMM derivatives exchanges based on OI/TVL.

🔗 No Fragmented Liquidity

  • Key Feature:
    • On-demand, JIT liquidity provisioning means no idle liquidity is required to execute trades.
  • Benefits to Chains and Platforms:
    • Rapid multi-chain deployment and expansion without liquidity constraints.
    • Rapid scaling of OI availability.
Note: Orderbooks face multi-chain deployment challenges due to technical constraints. vAMMs cannot fork their liquidity pool. This makes IntentX uniquely positioned for multi-chain deployment.

💰 Lower Fees

  • Key Feature:
    • No liquidity provider (LP) as a counterparty.
  • Benefits to Traders and Platforms:
    • Reduced trade costs from enhanced capital efficiency and no LP risk-offset fees.
    • More value for xINTX stakers as there's no need to incentivize liquidity providers.
  • Comparison:
    • Fees are lower than DEXs and more competitive compared to CEX order books.

🛡️ Reduced Oracle Reliance

  • Key Feature:
    • Quotation system uses oracles only for rare dispute resolutions.
    • Price discovery happens externally through solver network.
  • Security Advantage:
    • Protection against oracle manipulation exploits.

⚖️ Managed Position Risks

  • Key Feature:
    • Bilateral agreements that isolate the risk of the derivative contracts from external factors and guarantee solvency with rules based liquidation.
  • Benefits to the System:
    • Trustless operations and automatic liquidation ensure a fair, scalable, and risk-free environment.

Superior Trade Execution

  • Key Feature:
    • Streamlined quotations via the solver for immediate trader review.
  • User Experience:
    • Faster trade execution compared to traditional RFQ exchanges.

Mission & Vision

Our mission at IntentX is to enable the next evolution of DeFi through the migration of derivatives trade from centralized exchanges on-chain, and we will do this by offering both a more technically competitive trading environment and industry leading advancements in user experience.
With the introduction of complete account abstraction and gasless trading, we will offer a seamless, efficient, and intuitive derivatives trading experience for users across the spectrum. In addition to key market optimizations, we aspire to break down the barriers of complexity and opacity of DeFi, fostering a trading environment that values transparency, user autonomy, and maintaining the core values of decentralization.
IntentX, leveraging an intent-based architecture, merges the strengths of centralized exchanges onto the blockchain, delivering a hyper-capital efficient and decentralized trading solution. This approach redefines on-chain liquidity dynamics, marking a significant leap forward in what's possible in DeFi markets.
With a heavy focus on UX and the ability to offer products competitive with centralized exchanges, IntentX aims to increase the adoption of on-chain derivatives trading. Welcome to IntentX.