Launch Plan and Phases

The launch of IntentX will be done in three phases. Each launch phase will have different objectives and phases may overlap.
Phase 1: Public Open Beta
Phase 2: INTX Token Generation Event
Phase 3: Full Launch

Phase 1: Public Open Beta

Our first phase of project launch is a public open beta available on the Base L2 for users to experience IntentX's unique trading functionality. Most of the core platform functionalities will be available at this time, however, some features will remain under development such as full account abstraction, solver LP, and more.
During this phase, users have the opportunity to earn a share of INTX tokens through the form of a retroactive airdrop. Airdrop rewards will be determined by trading volume on the platform.
Up to 3,000,000 INTX (3.0% of total supply) tokens have been allocated to this retroactive airdrop in Phase 1. These tokens will be available in the form of xINTX (staked INTX) for claim during Phase 3: Full Launch.
Anti-sybil measures will be implemented to ensure distribution is as fair as possible.

Trading in the Open Beta:

Trade on any of our supported markets to earn xINTX airdrops. The airdrop will be proportional to and based on the total traded volume during the Open Beta period.
Airdrop points will accumulate and be assigned daily at 0:00 UTC based on your proportional trade volume for the previous 24 hour epoch.
The token airdrop will be distributed based on total points accumulated during the Open beta period.
Note: Your activities will be tracked directly on-chain. There is no registration required to qualify for this airdrop.

Phase 2: xINTX Token Generation Event - TBA

The next stage of the launch will be a Token Generation Event (TGE) for xINTX.
The TGE is a first come, first served hard capped process designed to be fair and transparent to all participants.
Link: TBD
TGE Start date: TBA
TGE End date: TBA
Duration: TBD
Token Made Available: 4,000,000 xINTX (4% of total supply)
Minimum purchase amount: TBD
Max Cap: TBD
Contribution Currency: ETH
Vesting: 50% liquid and claimable 1 week after the TGE, and 50% will be vested over 6 months.
Further, the retroactive airdrop for Phase 1 Open Beta participants will be available at this time. This phase will kick off the xINTX trader incentive program with 24% of the total supply being emitted over 3 years.
Find out more about the Trade & Earn program here.
Note: Phase 2 will run concurrently with Phase 1, during and after the TGE users can continue to participate in the Phase 1 Open Beta event to earn xINTX for retroactive airdrop.

Phase 3: Full Launch

This phase marks the full launch of IntentX!
The Full Launch will be complete with many features not available at first during the Open Beta, including:
  • Advanced Order Types
  • Multi-solver Implementation
  • Solver LP Vault
  • Advanced Analytics
  • Refreshed UI / UX
  • Fiat On / Off Ramp
  • And more!
These features will continue to get added to the Phase 1 Open Beta build as they are developed.
Full Launch Date: TBD